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2024-2025 Elections

The election season has started here at the WSGA. We are looking for candidates who are interested in serving the board in all positions for the 2024 – 2025 board. The tenure begins 4/1/24 and runs thru 3/31/25.
All positions are open though we do have many of our current members that will be running for another year. If you are interested in a Chapter Representative position, you are required to reside in the chapter that you want to serve. Executive committee positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure) are open to all Washington State Residents regardless of where in the state you live.
If you are interested in any position, please contact us via the contact page on this website which is located next to the “Membership” menu.
The deadline for nominees is 2/15/24. Once your nomination has been received, someone from our election committee will contact you to discuss the position you are interested in. All board members MUST be current WSGA members. Level of membership does not matter. You just must be a current WSGA member to serve on this board and must prepay your membership dues through 3/31/25.  If you have any questions regarding serving on our board, please reach out to us via the contact page on our website.

Get involved, make a difference! 🌟
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