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September Meeting

Our next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 16th at 6:30 PM. You can join us and watch a live stream of our meeting via our YouTube page which you can find at the link below: See you on Sept 16th

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2020 Election Slate

Here is the 2020 WSGA election slate:

President – Chris Brue – Mc3cats – Unopposed
Vice President – Jessie Maxwell – JTCoffee – Unopposed
Treasurer – Annette Bailes – Peach (of Peach and Pete) – Unopposed
Secretary – Lori Cassidy – Seabeck Tribe – Unopposed
South West Chapter – Deb Cox – Squirrel50 – Unopposed
Puget Sound Chapter – Chris Umphenour – ChrisoftheNW – Unopposed
Olympic Peninsula Chapter – Erin Comstock – Bluecanoe- Unopposed
48 North Chapter – Cliff Slaughterback – CRS98 – Unopposed
South Central Chapter – Patrick McColley – TeamPAST- Unopposed
Cache-Cadian Chapter – Eugene Reed – Mr.Gadget2 – Unopposed
Inland Empire Chapter – Jerry Martin – Martin5 – Unopposed

Emailed ballots will go out on March 1st. The election runs through March 10th.

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January Board Meeting

With the new year comes some changes at the WSGA as our board meetings go. Our next meeting is scheduled for 1/15/20. We are in the process of migrating our meetings from the current IRC-style of meetings to Microsoft Teams video conference meeting. This will speed up our meetings significantly and we should get a lot more done in a smaller window of time. We are looking at using our Facebook page to stream our meetings for folks to watch and pose questions during the meeting. This is still a work in progress. For now, stay tuned on our Facebook page as well as this website for more info on attending/participating in our board meetings.