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2020 Election Slate

Here is the 2020 WSGA election slate:

President – Chris Brue – Mc3cats – Unopposed
Vice President – Jessie Maxwell – JTCoffee – Unopposed
Treasurer – Annette Bailes – Peach (of Peach and Pete) – Unopposed
Secretary – Lori Cassidy – Seabeck Tribe – Unopposed
South West Chapter – Deb Cox – Squirrel50 – Unopposed
Puget Sound Chapter – Chris Umphenour – ChrisoftheNW – Unopposed
Olympic Peninsula Chapter – Erin Comstock – Bluecanoe- Unopposed
48 North Chapter – Cliff Slaughterback – CRS98 – Unopposed
South Central Chapter – Patrick McColley – TeamPAST- Unopposed
Cache-Cadian Chapter – Eugene Reed – Mr.Gadget2 – Unopposed
Inland Empire Chapter – Jerry Martin – Martin5 – Unopposed

Emailed ballots will go out on March 1st. The election runs through March 10th.

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January Board Meeting

With the new year comes some changes at the WSGA as our board meetings go. Our next meeting is scheduled for 1/15/20. We are in the process of migrating our meetings from the current IRC-style of meetings to Microsoft Teams video conference meeting. This will speed up our meetings significantly and we should get a lot more done in a smaller window of time. We are looking at using our Facebook page to stream our meetings for folks to watch and pose questions during the meeting. This is still a work in progress. For now, stay tuned on our Facebook page as well as this website for more info on attending/participating in our board meetings.

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New Vice President

During our last board meeting which was earlier this week, we voted in our new Vice President. Please join us in welcoming JTCoffree (Jessie) as the WSGA’s new VP! She is filling the position that Squirrel50 vacated the position and was voted in to fill our vacant treasurer position. We are now fully staffed and all vacant positions are filled.

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July Board Meeting

The next WSGA Board meeting will be on Wednesday July 17 (two weeks from today) in our live chat room. Access is via the events drop down menu. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM. Board members please submit your reports will the secretary before 7/14/19.

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WSGA 2019 Election Results

The votes have been counted and the results are in! Congratulations to our new 2019 Elected Board!

Executive Committee

  • President – Chris Brue (Mc3Cats)
  • Vice President – Deb Cox (squirrel50)
  • Treasurer – No Candidate
  • Secretary – Jim Tollefson (Terrible Ts)

Chapter Reps

  • 48 North –Cliff Slaughterback (crs98)
  • Cache-Cadian – Eugene (Gene) Reed (Mr. Gadget #2)
  • Inland Empire – Jerry Martin (Martin 5)
  • Olympic Peninsula – Erin Comstock (bluecanoe)
  • Puget Sound –Antoine Pin (Winos_Seattle)
  • South Central – Patrick McColley (TeamPAST)
  • Southwest – Vicki/Brian Knott (The Supeknotts)