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  • Board Meeting September 20, 2023 Agenda & Online Meeting Links - Here is the agenda for the Board Meeting on September 20, 2023 @ 6:30 pm PST. TheĀ  meeting is open to all members via YouTube channelĀ  and Washington State Geocaching Association Facebook page. We are welcome to any question and comments and these can be done via a comment here or during the meeting platform […]

The Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA) is a nonprofit recreational club supporting geocachers and geocaching across the state of Washington. WSGA promotes social and recreational activities for geocachers, and works with land managers to ensure support for geocaching on park lands. We currently have seven chapters and more than 250 members across Washington State.

WSGA exists to:

  • Promote geocaching as a fun, family-oriented outdoor activity that increases awareness and appreciation of the environment and our parks and trails.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to enjoy geocaching and to socialize with other geocachers.
  • Educate park systems and land managers about geocaching and its benefits.
  • Increase awareness and support of geocaching through interaction with other outdoor groups and the public.
  • Encourage low-impact geocaching and promote stewardship of our natural resources.
  • Support “Cache In Trash Out” activities to help maintain parks and trail systems.