Board & Contacts

Executive Committee

Position Real Name Geocaching Name
President Antoine Pin Winos_Seattle
Vice President Steve Thurin SMuddT
Treasurer Annette Bailes Peach of WA
Secretary Kevin Defields coolcowcachers

Chapter Representatives

Chapter Real Name Geocaching Name
48 North Jean Hoffmann Morhoff
Cache-Cadian Eugene Reed Mr. Gadget #2
Inland Empire Elaine Edwards lucymogus
Olympic Peninsula Lori Cassidy SeabeckTribe
Puget Sound Jim Pommert rocketglider
South Central Benjamin Parruzot Tecsomane
Southwest Rhonda Britten RMMB1972

Appointed Positions

Position Real Name Geocaching Name
GeoTour Manager Chris Brue Mc3cats
Campout 2024 Manager Benjamin Parruzot Tecsomane
Merchandise Manager Kevin Defields coolcowcachers
Parks Liaison Manager Annette P. Bailes Peach of WA
 OP Chapt. Parks Liaison Cathy Cohoon DiscGolfBirdie
Webmaster Mitch Eatough Nepokama
Tech Support Mike Nelson ThePiCacher
Social Media Linda Huskey lindahuskey

Events Committee (Appointed)

Chapter / Role Real Name Geocaching Name
Coordinator Carter Cantrell Cacheingcants
Cache-Cadian Kay Williams WillDoIt
PS Assistant Chapt. Rep. Kevin Defields Cool Cow Cachers
Puget Sound Antoine Pin Winos_Seattle
Puget Sound Gabe Vankemper Go-pher-it
Cache-Machines Jim Tollefson Terrible T’s

P.O. Box 58542
Renton, WA 98058