Membership Levels

Before selecting a membership subscription please make sure you are signed in. If you had an account on the old website it should already have been copied to the new site. Request a password reset using the email address you used for your prior account.

Note: due to limitations in allowed characters your user name may have changed. Please use your email address to log in.

Note: If you already paid for a 2017 membership via our old website you will have a Legacy membership and do not need to subscribe again for 2017.

Please contact with any questions.

What do your dues pay for?
Advocacy work with State, county and city parks and other organizations.
Social events and CITO activities.
Special events, such as the Summer Campout and Going APE mega-event.
Chapter allotments (funds each chapter receives for its activities).
Club-branded swag and trackables.

Membership benefits include
Laminated nametag(s).
Welcome gift.
Annual member bonus such as pathtags and lanyards.
Discounts on the annual Summer Campout.

Level Price  
Individual (2017) $12.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.
Family (2017) $17.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.