Discovery Park

The policy: Geocaches may be placed in Discovery Park with the explicit permission of Discovery personnel, arranged through rodgowdy, the geocaching liaison. Contact rodgowdy to have your cache reviewed and approved BEFORE you submit it to Groundspeak for publication.

All caches placed in Discovery park must be placed on a main trail (shown on park map) and must be no farther than 10′ off the trail

If a geocache is submitted that’s in Seattle’s Discovery Park:

  • It should have a Reviewer Note stating that it’s been reviewed and has permission from rodgowdy and the Discovery contact (with a specific name and title). Ideally, the approval email is pasted into the note.
  • The cache page should have a permission statement at bottom: “This cache placement was approved by Discovery Park.” The reviewer may email rodgowdy if desired to verify permissions.
  • If no permission is provided with the cache submission, the reviewer will deny publication and refer the cacher to rodgowdy to obtain the necessary approval and then resubmit the cache.