20th Anniversary GeoTour

Welcome to the WSGA’s 20th Anniversary GeoTour page.  You will find useful information about our GeoTour on this page including links to download GeoTour passports as well as info regarding the GeoTour coins.  


The 20th anniversary GeoTour consists of 20 GeoTour caches spread out the 7 WSGA chapters for a total of 140 geocaches. The caches will managed by each chapter representative with caches being places by WSGA members. There will be a total of 140 geocaches in our GeoTour. THE GEOTOUR OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 29, 2022.


There are 7 passports, one for each of the our 7 chapter GeoTours. Below are the links to the passports (The links are currently turned off until the day prior to the launch date):

Inland Empire Chapter Passport

Southwest Chapter Passport

48 North Passport

Cache-Cadian Chapter Passport

South Central Chapter Passport

Puget Sound Chapter Passport

Olympic Peninsula Chapter Passport


There will be two GeoTour coins representing different levels of completion of the GeoTour. The first level coin dubbed “morning” will be issued to anyone who finds at least 18 GeoTour caches in three different WSGA 20th Anniversary GeoTours for a 54 GeoTour caches.  However, if you find less than 20 GeoTour caches in any one of our mini GeoTours you will not get the souvenir for that chapter’s GeoTour. To get the souvenir, you must fully complete the GeoTour. You can complete any three chapters, but must complete three before you will be eligible for a GeoTour coin. The second level coin, dubbed “dusk” will be issued to cachers who find all 140 of the geocaches in the GeoTour. Those who complete the entire GeoTour will also be award with 7 GeoTour souvenirs.  Below are two different GeoTour coins that are available:





To get your Day Break GeoTour coin, you will need to send us a completed passport (at least 18 of 20 geotour caches found in the geotour) from three separate WSGA GeoTours for a minimum of 54 found geotour caches. It does not matter which three WSGA GeoTours you do.   To get the Dusk Coin, you complete all seven WSGA GeoTours which requires finding a minimum 126 out of 140 GeoTour caches. When you are ready to turn in your completed GeoTour passports, you can send them to the following  address:


P. O. BOX 58542

RENTON, WA 98058

Make sure that you put your name and mailing address on all passports you submit to us so that we can mail out your GeoTour coin to you.