2022 Snag the Ape (Hider Pack)


Hider Pack for the 2022 Snag the Tag game with tags to be redeem by finders in person at the Going Ape Event (GC9N8PG)

WSGA Members pay $40 (non-member price is $50)

Hider Pack includes a special edition coin and tag for the hider to keep and two tags to be hidden for others to redeem for coins in person at the event. Hider packs will ship as soon as we receive coins and tags.

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Snag the Tag is back for the 2022 Ape Event!

This hider pack includes a special edition coin and tag for the hider to keep, in addition to two tags to be hidden as part of the 2022 Snag The Ape promotion. The tags hidden can be redeemed for a coin in person at the 2022 Going Ape Event (GC9N8PG) in Hyak, WA on September 10th!

The game is regional this year with 50 hider packs being sold to WSGA members and those in the region in and around Washington State. We would like as many people to hide these for finders that are planning on attending the event.

If you are new to the game, more details and FAQs can be found at (www.snagthetag.com)

The hider packs are being sold ahead of the game right now and will be shipped as coins and tags are received. We would like to get you the packs as soon as possible with time to hide them before the event. Please plan on ordering ahead and getting your favorite locations ready for hiding these tags!

We are offering these hider packs to WSGA members for $40 (non-member price is $50)

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