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    Pvc floor contrast with other floors
    ◆ Contrast with carpet
    The composition and production process are different: the carpet is a ground covering which is knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process using natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass or chemical synthetic fiber.
    Performance and maintenance are different: carpets are flammable, afraid of fire, water, fear of moisture, and maintenance is very troublesome, extremely easy to dirty, easy to hide dirt, breeding bacteria. The PVC floor is fire-retardant and not afraid of water. It is very simple to take care of. It can be wiped with a rag, has good stain resistance and has antibacterial effect.
    ◆ Contrast with tiles
    Different composition and production process: the so-called ceramic tile is made of refractory metal oxide and semi-metal oxide, which is formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering to form an acid-resistant porcelain or stone. The material of the building or decoration is always called a tile. Its raw materials are mostly made up of clay, quartz sand and so to install Pvc Carpet Flooring