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    Packaging & Delivery
    1.Standard seaworthy export packaging. Wooden pallets with plastics protection
    2.Customers’ required package is acceptable

    Loading port: Shenzhen or Guangzhou
    Lead time: 25~35 days after receiving deposit

    Advantage of solid aluminum plate for wall decoration
    1. The hardness is up to Mohs’ scale 6.0, higher than steel but lower than diamond.
    2. Scratch resistant and easy to clean, far better in cleaning than fluorocarbon coating and powder injection.
    3. Discoloration proof and environment resistant, it is not discolored under sunshine.
    4. Alkalinity or acidity resistant and isolation (A grade fireproof level)
    5. Easy for installation
    6. Lifetime up to 50 years with unchanged performance
    7. Available for artistic decoration without changing performance.
    8. Corrosion resistant, salt fog test over 2000 hours.
    9. Strong chemical corrosion resistant.
    10. It can inhibit bacteria from growing, easy to clean
    11. The material is produced from the mineral substance without any harmful substance.

    1100H24/3003H24 powder coated or PVDF painting solid aluminium panel for curtain wall

    Our spraying system:Powder Coating Aluminium Curtain Wall Free Sample