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    Our History
    Bird-bolan, The patent company of Bonate was established in 2006. We have kept up that momentum since the beginning, now we are a full service bird and pest control manufacturer and distributor employing the best technical and support sales staff around. Supplying company’s world wide with affordable bird and pest control products.
    Our Factory
    Built on 2006, Bird –Bolan supplies automatic products with advanced international standard to Military, Civil Airport, Space Launch Sits. Equipped with 4000 square meters workshop and 2000 square meters bird base. Our engineer professional on all aspects regarding bird biology and product information. Welcome to be our agent in export and import.
    Our Product
    Our main products are Propane Sound Cannon, wind powered visual birdscare, scare eye balloon, wind bird repeller, scarecrow fake owl decoys, net telescopic rod.
    Product Application
    Military, Civil airport, Agriculture, Buildings, Wind power need our products. Agents, Investment Cooperate ,we welcome too.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    CNC machining –6pcs Mitsubishi Japanese (OKK), HAITIAN China.
    Precision Milling Machine—4pcs KUNGMING MACHINE TOOL China. MAKINO Japanese
    CNC wire cutting machine—6pcs POSITTEC China, FANUC Japanese.
    Production Market
    Our main customers from Japanese, New Zealand, Mid-East, Southeast Asia etc.
    Our service
    Bird-Bolan is an industry leader in pest bird control and we are very confident in our education and experience in the aspects of integrated bird management systems. Our sales staff will supply you the best service and results available. Bird-Bolan known as providing the best in customer service. We go far beyond our competition giving our all to satisfy our loyal customerswholesale Scare Cannon