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New WSGA Website updates have been made. We have added a drop-down menu for all things “Let’s Go Geocaching”, which might be subject to have a name change.

Inside this menu, you will find some new content. Including “Education Tools” featuring an available Intro to Geocaching slides show and it’s accompanied YouTube video of the events. We have added a “Geocaching Tools” menu featuring websites used to help you solve puzzles. These options are quite numbered and it is our goal to reduce the amount we have gathered. We are currently in the process of adding two menu items called “Friends of the WSGA” and “Geo-orgs”. These will have local and state organizations that we have worked well with and geo-orgs from outside the State of Washington. Please remember that some of these menu items may be subject to change based on redundancies, over-crowding, and usefulness.

We hope you enjoy these new features. More updates coming. Have a cool 97 degree day.

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