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2023-2025 WSGA Board Nomination Slate

The 2023 – 2024 nomination committee are pleased to present you with the slate of candidates for the 2024-2025 WSGA Board.


Antoine Pin (Winos_Seattle)

Steve Turin (SMuddT)

Dano Rystrom (fairwoodwest)

Annette Bailes (PeachofWA)

48 North Chapter Representative
Jean Hoffmann (Morhoff)

Cache-Cadian Chapter Representative
Kevin Witt (Trek 450)
Gene Reed (Mr. Gadget 2)

Inland Empire Chapter Representative

Jerry Martin (Maritin5)

Olympic Peninsula Chapter Representative
Lori Cassidy (Seabeck Tribe)

Puget Sound Chapter Representative
No Representation

South Central Chapter Representative
Benjamin Parruzot (Tecsomane)

Southwest Chapter Representative

No Representation


As per bylaw 9.6.1 – The slate shall be provided to all Members no later than Feb. 20, and Members shall have until Feb. 25 to voice any objections. If there is no dissent, the slate shall be deemed approved by acclamation.


If this slate is approved, the only chapter that will receive a ballot is Cache-Cadian on March 1, 2024. They will have until March 10, 2024 to cast their vote for their Chapter Representative.


Get involved, make a difference!

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